Executive Decision Prototype
(Author: Sid Sackson)

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This is an item from "Sidīs Estate Sale".

I donīt have exact information about this prototype at the moment - so you can find here only a few pictures about this game.
For further background information about the standard game look to Bob Clusters Homepage.

Description from auction:
Executive Decision 1971, 3M. This is the original Prototype. Most of the pieces and rules were hand written by Sid. The Die is even numbered with a pencil. I’ve take the best pictures that I can. Serious bidders can Email me and I will send you pictures of the entire set. I found this in a box that was supposed to contain Campaign. There are one set of hand written rules and one Sid changed and typed. All of the boards are either typed or hand written and glued on to plain cardboard. There are more of some pieces than the directions say there should be. For instance the bid slates say there should be 6 and there are 12. They are very crudely made of what looks like old pieces of Magic Slate stapled together. If you have any questions or need extra pictures feel free to email me. Includes 10 page hand Written instructions, 7 page typed with hand written notations instructions, 12 bid slates with 4 marking pencils, one hand written wooden Die, A bunch of red pegs 4 Calculation tables 10 hand written blending charts, 18 hand Printed Cost Prediction and 18 hand Printed Sales Prediction Cards you can see were Sid made pencil line on these with a ruler so that the letters would be straight, 6 hand printed information or ,1 hand printed Price level Board, 9 price level markers 4 other markers that say a b c d made from cardboard, 6 hand written pages where Sid laid out the design for all of the cards and stuff,2 hand printed market calculators, 6 inventory records. The only thing I didn’t see was play money.

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(09.01.03 G. Rosenbaum)