(Author: Fred Buestchler)

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- castles
- kings
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The early editions



1967 f:67


block logo green 3-part picture on back.
(2 different color sets for armies known)

The later standard editions


The german language editions



The early grayscaled version has different rules compared to  the later ones.
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There are 2 slightly different copies of the grayscaled version:
One has dark red brown color for one army; thats different to the standard colors; the second one includes the standard colors of pieces.
The following differnces are between this early version rule and the later ones:
The moves page shows that to capture or slay is the victor's option for most pieces.
The capture/slay moves are different numbers of squares than a regular motion move.
The truce/prisoner exchange could add a lot of interest. In the newer rule, a truce is just a way to call a stalemate.
There is a rule that pieces must be moved from left to right (according to their position before you start moving each turn). The left to right rule is just a suggestion in the newer rules as a way to remember which pieces you moved.
The Rights of Succession include special rules such as royalty piece swaps after a royalty slaying. You can capture royalty instead of slaying them, but I suppose the Succession rule would be used for captures also.

- Rules: Page 1, Page 2

(22.01.06 G. Rosenbaum)