Advertising Store Catalog 1971
Fun & Games from 3M
(C-BSB-71 (513) JPI)


This store catalog from USA about 3M games has 52 pages and was published in 1971. (Info by Paul Spreitzer).

Pictures: Cover, Intro, Contents, Front-Back, Executive Decision, Jati Puzzler .

Which information could you find in the catalog ?
The following seven games are announced:
Mr. President (even though it came out in 1965!?), Executive Decision, Speed Circuit, Evade, Sleuth, Kreskin's Krystal und Chess.
The Jati Puzzler was sold at least in 1970 and 1971!
Even if Mr. President is announced in this 1971's catalog, it does appear in earlier price lists(1968) and advertising material.

jati puzzler, catalog 1971

(24.07.12 G. Rosenbaum)