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1970 f:-
green ? Prototype/Testcopy
No picture on front/back


OPTIONS: The strategic game of numbers
Options is a 3M bookcase game which was unknown until December 2013 - a real surprise!
It was sold on eBay for about $1700 and at the moment(end of 2013) only this one copy is known.
Similar to the Mad Mate or Jati, it is a prototype, which was never sold.
There is no picture on front and back of slipcase, so it looks like the development of the game was stopped in an earlier phase.
I got some additional pictures and infos from Paul Spreitzer, the new owner:

Some years later I got an eMail, with some backround information about this prototype:
'' ... I found your page about the 3M game Options.  I think my family was the original owner of this game.  I find it fascinating that this game was unknown until 2013!!
The game belonged to my stepmother, Joan Huber, who died in June 2013.  She owned a market research firm and worked for a number of big companies.  I can only guess she did some market research for 3M because we had every single one of the 3M bookshelf games, and she was all about getting stuff for free. ... ''

Have a look to the pictures below and keep your eyes open for additional copies - let me know!

(15.08.17  G. Rosenbaum)